Afghani Mujahedeen: Hezbollah or Tehreek-e-Taliban?


As the Afghani Taliban publish a manifesto to expand control over local branches, disassociate themselves from parasitic splinter cells and revive the grass-roots support they enjoyed in the late 90s, is this a precursor to a trend in the movement, where it will go the way of Hezbollah – a region-specific movement with clear socio-political objectives? Or will it go the way of the Pakistani Taliban, an ideologically-fueled, expansionist force?


Afghanistan’s Failing Institutions


… regardless of the the outcome of the Afghani election, the damage done to institutional integrity and faith in the public office will likely remain in the Afghani political conscience long after August 20th…
… Pakistan should be watching activities across its western border closely to ensure growing political dissatisfaction in Afghanistan is properly addressed within its own borders…

the strong arm of the law


Jumping off Hamzah’s post about Pakistan’s diverse cultural identities and linguistic communities (as one particular example, which of course spill into multiple other communities), I’m interested in venturing into a deeper (and long-term)… Continue reading

Ethnic Conflict & Enlightened Moderation


… ethno-lingual schisms in Pakistan have been significantly exacerbated by the enlightened moderation movement. Its blanket treatment of all roshan khayals facilitates an easier othering by their ethnic communities…
… ideas on redivisioning that seeks an equitable factioning of Pakistan need to recognize that ethnic communities embody no singular national aspiration as rigidly as the current political climate seems to portray…

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