The Prospects of Kenyan Democracy

Confusion at the voting boothDear wonderful readers,

Haniya and I apologize for our prolonged absence.  Grad school has been much more work than she and I expected. I hope that as we get used to this lifestyle, we’ll find ways to carve out more time for the specific issues that interest us.

In the meantime, I am uploading a short paper I had been working on.  True to Georgetown grad school ways, the paper is very functional; it concerns the prospects of democratic consolidation in Kenya. It was interesting to look at a country with stable infrastructure and relative political stability that has been unable to achieve sustainable democracy since its first multi-party elections almost 2 decades ago.

It has also been interesting to contrast the ways in which Kenyan ethnic identities animate its political life against the role Pakistani ethnic identities play in its polity.

Please click on the title to download the paper: The Prospects of Democratic Consolidation in Kenya